Cash Guard

CashGuard is a closed loop cash management and security system that is incorporated into existing terminals – POS systems. Staff have no access to the cash drawer and all transactions are calculated and managed by the system, removing any risk of tampering or error.

You do not need to be concerned about the levels of coins – banknotes given as change, count cash or perform a cash register closure at the end of a shift, as this is all handled by the CashGuard system.

Cash management is often a neglected part of retail sales, yet is something that has a huge impact on the entire business. Cash renders the store vulnerable to everything from simple errors to shortfalls at the cash register, or theft. The cashier may spend hours every day counting and storing the cash, but that won’t stop theft and shortfalls. Instead of serving customers, the cashier’s highest priority becomes handling cash.

With the CashGuard system, the cash is safe and the cash handling process is automated at the cash register. You have complete control over your cash in real-time, thus eliminating shortfalls. With the CashGuard solution, you can focus on your business instead of cash.


Full Control

The system automatically counts every coin and banknote as it enters the cash register. You receive real-time data about the cash levels per point of sale, store, or even for the entire retail chain.


Contactless Cash Management

Cash management systems such as CashGuard contribute to a reduction in the spread of bacteria. When customers pay directly at the cash register, it is no longer necessary for the employee to simultaneously come into contact with cash and food, thereby minimizing the risk of infection or the spread of the virus.


No More Theft Or Shortfalls

Cash is safe in the cash register, rendering theft and robbery impossible. Staff can thus rest assured that they no longer in danger of being robbed or accused of theft.


Time Saving

Manual cash management costs business owners several hours each week in counting cash. With CashGuard, you can reduce the time you spend managing cash by 50%. The store manager collects only the amount of banknotes they require from the system, and may refill the system with a certain number of coins for the following day. That’s it!


Shorter Queues

Transactions with CashGuard are up to 30% faster compared to a manual cash drawer, which means fewer queues and better customer service.


Reduced Cost

CashGuard offers improved financial control and more accurate reporting. You can actively control the cash levels according to your needs, thus reducing the cost of replacement purchases.

CashGuard demonstration

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