Having actively followed and participated in the development of RFID technology for the past 15 years, SensorBeta is now able to provide reliable RFID solutions to any retail business.

In partnership with leading RFID-specialised companies from around the world, we offer reliable solutions that have been used in the global market in recent years.

RFID technology is an evolution of the barcode and is based on a wireless electronic circuit (RF), which provides each product with a unique ID.

A modern store should provide an upgraded, pleasant and interactive purchasing experience for customers, while simultaneously optimizing business operations and increasing sales.

How does RFID work?


RFID technology serves this purpose by offering:

  • Rapid and foolproof inventory management (at both warehouses and stores).

  • Improved supply chain handling process (for production, warehouses and stores).

  • Dealing with the stock out error phenomenon

  • Reduction of out-of-stock errors. Rapid transaction with one motion, reducing customer waiting times at the cash register.

  • Convenience in tracking requested products.

  • Reliable anti-theft protection with optional use of concealed anti-theft antennas.

  • Interactive purchasing experience via touch-screen, which simulates an e-shop purchase in the physical environment.