Vision & Values


The SensorBeta team is always available for its customers, offering dependable customer-driven service and support, helping them in their day-to-day challenges and the specific characteristics of the Greek market.

Communication – Research

SensorBeta is always there for both its customers and suppliers. Having developed strong relationships based on cooperation and trust between both sides, it operates as a channel of communication between them, the overriding aim being to meet market needs. The company is constantly in search of anything new or innovative, so it can immediately offer it to its customers.

Experience – Expertise

Our deep knowledge of the Greek market and the developments in security systems allow us to advise customers on the ideal security solution and to provide it to them using our considerable expertise.


The company and its people share a common vision: progress, which will allow SensorBeta to remain the most reliable choice for customers searching for a security system. This vision also includes the continued expansion of its activities into new sectors involving equipment for commercial spaces, as well as into new markets in the Balkans and Cyprus, a process which has already started in recent years, with great success.