People Counting

Entry-exit people/customer counting systems are one of the key tools in the effort to better organise commercial spaces. Acquiring traffic statistics, as well as further analysing and comparing them (over time or for specific periods), through a feature-rich software solution, provides objective results on the strategy to be followed by each business.

Our systems provide answers to everyday questions, such as:

  • What are the peak days/hours at your stores?

  • Did all the people who visited the store also make a purchase?

  • How long do visitors or customers stay?

  • How many of the people/potential customers passing along a commercial street actually enter your store?

  • Are you following the ideal marketing/advertising strategy?

  • Are the staff numbers adequate to serve customers or clean the store during peak hours and days?

  • Which departments or floors have the highest traffic and from which potential entrance?

  • Customer loyalty

Our company was one of the first to begin implementing these kinds of applications in the Greek retail sector years ago, which is why it has substantial experience. Some of the largest retail networks have entrusted us with similar applications. Just some of them are: Athens Metro Mall, BSB, Lynne, Parabita, H&M, Mat Fashion.

We offer all our customers a trial installation of our counting systems so they can evaluate the needs of each network and a joint decision can be taken on the ideal solution.

After careful study and consultation with the commercial department of each business, we recommend either a simple counting system or a system with an in-built statistics analysis software solution. Most applications are discreet, as they are mounted on the ceiling, and work with a 2D or 3D IP camera. Installation is quick and simple and can even be fitted above the anti-theft antennas. The applications present the lowest possible error rates.