Anti-Theft Systems

As the exclusive dealer for the anti-theft systems from the Swedish firm Gunnebo – Gateway, SensorBeta, is able to offer anti-theft systems that utilise all available technologies, such as radio frequency (RF 8.2 ΜΗz), acoustomagnetic (ΑΜ 58 KHz), and electromagnetic (ΕΜ) systems. To us, every anti-theft system installation is unique, and the main criterion when selecting a suitable system for your store is that it fully covers your every need.

All anti-theft systems our company offers are characterised by their high reliability and quality. Our anti-theft antennas are distinctive for their elegant and well-thought out design, while all GUNNEBO GATEWAY anti-theft systems are covered by a 24-month warranty. The anti-theft protection offered by our systems is enhanced by our large range or high-quality anti-theft consumables.

We are able to both supply and install anti-theft systems throughout Greece. This is done qualified technicians with extensive experience in the industry.

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Radio Frequency Systems RF 8,2 ΜΗz

The radio frequency systems our company offers are available in a large range of designs and are able to cover every store exit.

Most of them are equipped with an additional metal detector, an entry-exit people counter, special guards for installation in heavy traffic areas, as well as special advertising panels.

Acoustomagnetic Systems AM 58 KHz

Our company’s acoustomagnetic systems stand out thanks to the following advantages:

  • They cover very large exit openings with a very small number of antennas (2 antennas cover up to 4.00m, depending on placement).
  • They are compatible with a wide range of consumables, despite their very small size and weight.
  • They can even be installed inside plasterboard walls without any detection loss.
  • They do not interfere with and are not sensitive to interference from anti-theft systems from neighbouring stores.

The systems are equipped with additional special guards for installation in heavy traffic areas, as well as special advertising panels.

Electromagnetic Systems ΕΜ

The electromagnetic technology systems available to SENSORBETA are noted for their long lasting, reliable operation, their elegant design and low cost compared to competing systems that employ this technology. They are an ideal solution for libraries, museums and educational organisations, and can be combined with a large range of adhesive labels and corresponding demagnetisers.


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